Using Twitter as a Bug Bounty Hunter

Hi guys, I’m back with another quick and useful writeup for you guys.

In this i’m going to show you in detail, how to use twitter the right way. And there’s a reason why i’m even specifying it by calling the “right way”.

While keeping this writeup to the point and concise, let’s get started.

#Rule 1:

Follow only hackers and researchers from whom you learn something. It’s that simple, don’t fall into the trap of courses and other stuff.

#Rule 2:

Stay away from people who only share the bug bounty received screenshots rather than sharing things about the findings

#Rule 3:

Follow these useful steps

Go to : Twitter Settings → Privacy and Safety → Content You See → Customise the topics and interest accordingly

Important step :

To boycott those bug bounty screenshots, follow this

Go To : Twitter Settings → Privacy and Safety → Content You See → Mute and Block → Add words like “earned” or words that i usually find when someone is posting the screenshot of the bug bounty they received. After selecting the most occurred word, add it in the blocklist.

Once added, it will really help you to become anxious free while using twitter. As from their on you will not see any bug bounty screenshot , that will hamper your self confidence or increase the self doubt.

These steps are simple and yet are the most effective in order to use twitter the right way.

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