Is Bug Bounty Too Saturated in 2021 ?

Karan Arora
3 min readJul 8, 2021

Read this to get your answer, is it really saturated or not.

Hi there, you are here for the answer and i’m going to give you the answer with supporting facts.

Let’s get into it !

See in short the answer to this question

If bug bounty is saturated in 2021 ? is NO, it’s not. It is definitely more saturated than previous years. But theres more to this answer and thats what i’m going to talk about in this writeup.

Simple fact of life, everything gets more complex and difficult with time. And bug bounty field is no exception. This field has originated about 8 years ago if i’m not wrong.

Obviously, applications have gotten more secure with time and regular patches. So thats why it not that easy to find bugs. But still nothing is completely secure.

Important thing to keep in mind :

If you are going to follow the methodologies that are already present on the internet for free and not adding something unique to it. Then i’m sorry to break it to you, but you wont be successful in a long run and yes for that kind of approach bug bounty is definitely saturated.

See you have to get this point straight. Hacking can not be defined by some set of methodologies or rules. You got to have a curious instinct to hack. All these methodologies and tools are provided to you so that it can be easy for you to start your journey. But to be successful in it, you gotta do something that others are not doing, simple as that.

Make your own approach and take help from the given ones.

Be a hacker and not a sheep.

All the successful hackers that are their right now have something unique in them and in the way they approach their target. Don’t just follow, lead when it’s right.

So now go and build your own way. You have got the answer.

Bug Bounty is not saturated for those who really hack.

Bug Bounty is saturated for those who just blatantly follow others.